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  • Sarah Morton - Physio

Onebody promoting Youth Sports

Did you know that levels of childhood sports and activity are much lower than recommended?

And that children with low activity levels tend to suffer more from obesity?

And obese children tend to become obese adults?

And there are a plethora of health issues attached to obesity?

Did you also know that children who are more active are not only less likely to struggle with weight issues, but the also benefit from better cognitive function, better social skills, better performance in academic studies?

At Onebody, we are passionate about health and well being. Yes we are injury management specialists, but we are also advocates for healthy lifestyles, and helping people to be healthy and strong throughout life.

Because of this, we are sponsors and lead organisers of a fun event called Super Saturday of Sport, which was held in July 2019 just outside our clinic in Chiswick, London. We filled Turnham Green with local sports clubs ad health businesses, and invited kids and families to a full day of free sport - taster sessions of new sports, and a chance to find out what local sports clubs have to offer.

And we will be running the event again in 2020 - on the 20th June 2020, so put the date in your sporty diary!

To see Sarah's article on what inspired her to take on this event, click here, or on the picture below.


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