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Cancer Physiotherapy at OneBody

Onebody Clinic, Chiswick is now offering a bespoke Oncology Physiotherapy service, lead by our senior physiotherapist, Becca Van Klinken. Becca is a fully qualified Pinc&Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, and has qualifications from the Royal Marsden in Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage (FG-MLD).​​

Exercise and physiotherapy have a proven role in the management of cancers. Cancer rehabilitation/exercise improves functional ability and quality of life whilst also helping to reduce the side effects of the cancer and treatments.    

Equipped with private treatment rooms for manual therapy and lymphoedema treatments, and a rehabilitation studio, all with natural light and easy access, Onebody Clinic is a professional and caring clinic well placed to support clients through their cancer rehabilitation journey.


OneBody Oncology Physiotherapist

Becca Van Klinken is a specialist in Cancer Physiotherapy, with expertise in

    • Manual therapy

    • Scar tissue therapy/release

    • FG-MLD (Fluoroscopy guided manual lymphatic drainage)

    • Clinical Pilates

    • Cancer/Oncology rehab Qualified with Pinc&Steel

To find out more, and start your treatment course, call us to discuss your treatment needs.


T 0207 018 3980

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