Clinical Pilates in Chiswick 


We love Matwork Pilates. It allows the use of your own body weight to train your core control, strengthen you, and repair imbalances and weaknesses that may be causing back and neck pain.


Our classes are run by our Pilates experts, who are in close collaboration with our clinical team, and are kept to a size that allows personal supervision and careful instruction.


Private sessions are available, or we will be running classes from 2-4 people. If you have a Pilates buddy you would like to attend with, just let us know and we can arrange your own double, or triple class. 




Pilates will be held at our Chiswick location in our on-site studio. 


2 Heathfield Terrace

Chiswick, London

W4 4JE


Call us to find out about times and availability.


PRICE - will depend on the size of your class.

Private tuition - £65.

2-2-1 - £35 each

3-2-1 £25 each 


Call us on 0207 018 3980 or to book your first session.