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Gait Analysis

Running, walking, or lower limb injuries? Our video and force plate assessments are the solution. 

Orthotics and Biomechanics

For active people, from walkers to runners, correct alignment of the feet, knees, hips and spine is crucial for strong and painfree motion. The loss of control and alignment in any of these body segments can lead to imbalance, injury, and pain. 


That is why a biomechanical assessment can be so valuable in preventing and resolving injury. 


At Onebody Clinic, our biomechanical assessment is a thorough, top-to-toe assessment. We assess your muscle strength and joint flexibility, and your body control. We include video analysis to assess your control and symmetry, and we assess your foot pressures on our specialised force plate from FootScan.


With this thorough assessment, we can identify your injury risk, and prescribe the right detailed program and support for you. 

FootScan pressure plate

With over 4000 sensors, the RS Scan accurately measures the forces your foot is dealing with as you walk and run. The scan assessment will reveal the pattern of force taken through your feet and legs, allowing immediate and detailed measures of foot pressure, pronation levels, and symmetry between the left and right feet. 


This technology, that has been reserved for the elite athletes in the past, is now available for all runners and walkers serious about performance and injury prevention. 

3D Printed Orthotics


In some cases, our in-depth biomechanics assessments reveals a weakness or lack of control in the function of the foot. It is in these cases that orthotics may be the best treatment choice. 


At Onebody, we are now able to prescribe the world's first Phits 3D printed insoles. Designed directly from your force plate data, these insoles are 100% bespoke for you. 



The award winning Phits insoles are the worlds first 3D printed orthotics which are specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using footscan®.


Phits are accurate to the nearest 0.1mm with no room for error in the manufacturing process, providing tailored support and cushioning where you need it most.


Phits are less than half the weight of traditional orthotics whilst offering extreme durability and comfort, whether you are walking, running or playing sport.


Regardless of your age or activity level, we have specific designs to cater for your footwear; such as walking, running, football, golf, cycling, skiing and workwear.


Want to be treated like a Champion? Phits are trusted by many British and World Champion athletes to keep them moving pain free and to reduce their injury risk.

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