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Physiotherapy at Onebody.


Our Kensington and Shepherds Bush physiotherapists are experts at dealing with injury, reducing pain, and restoring motion and function. A full assessment and clear diagnosis is where effective treatment begins. Treatment will then be focused and effective. Using our combination of manual therapies, helpful technology, and exercise prescription we will  help you recover and return to full function.  Browse our BLOG pages to learn more about our areas of expertise. 

Back and Neck Health


Back spasm, slipped discs, sciatica, neck pain, and headache - our professional physiotherapy assessment will pin-point the cause of your pain or stiffness. With our careful assessment getting to the core of the problem, and our focused treatments, we bring real relief and recovery for your spine. And when the pain stops, we will help you prevent it from coming back. 

Sports Injuries


Our physios have years of experience in treating elite and novice sports injuries. We have worked in elite rugby, athletics and marathon events, weight lifting, football academies, tennis academies, and more.  We effectively and efficiently treat ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, knee sprains, muscle tears, haematomas, groin injuries - you name it!

Post-Surgery Rehab


We work closely with London's best surgeons to ensure the best results following orthopaedic surgery. Careful rehabilitation that is expertly progressed at the right rate for you. We regularly help people recover following knee sugery, ACL reconstruction, meniscal surgery, arthroscopy, knee replacements, hip replacement, ankle surgery, bunyon repair, and shoulder surgery. 

Injury Prevention


For many of us, prevention really is better than cure. For example, postural assessment and strength assessment can prevent work and desk related pain. Agility and balance assessments and training will reduce the risk of injury in sports people. Video running analysis will uncover issues before they become injuries. Strength and balance training can markedly reduce the risk of falls in middle aged and older people. Core training can reduce back pain and neck pain. Get in touch to find out more. 

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