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Video consultations Physio

Treating your pain or injury with physiotherapy video consultation via our clinics in Notting Hill Gate and Chiswick, London. 

With a wealth of experience, and nothing but 5 star reviews, you can trust the team at Onebody.


Do you have pain and injury, but can't leave home due to guarding, illness, or travel restrictions? Do you want to be treated in the safety of your home by Physiotherapists who have an exceptional reputation with consultants and patients? In this period of social distancing your pain still needs treating quickly, thoroughly and efficiently, and using Zoom, we can assess your injury or pain, discuss the cause, and demonstrate self management and correct exercise to resolve the issue. 


How do Video Consultations work? 

Video consultations are brilliant for physio assessment and treatment. We can communicate verbally and visually with you. This means we can assess your pain or injury by hearing your description of the pain, demonstrate diagnostic tests for you to carry out to work out what is causing your pain and, then design a plan of treatment to get you better. We do this by teaching you treatment techniques that you can carry out, giving you exercises to reduce your pain and get you back to doing the things you need, and advice on how to move and sit and stand to manage your injury. 

During your video consultation, we teach you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve your alignment and ultimately get you pain free. We will demonstrate and practice together by video link. Then we will email you with your home program to follow until our next session. All of this can be done in your home if you have good internet access. We will ask you to download zoom ( onto your device and we are good to go.


Call us to book your session and deal with you pain - 0207 018 3980. Or email on Or you can book online. 

*The majority of Private Medical Insurers will cover you for video consultations*

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