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Free Body Composition Assessment

Book your FREE 20 minute assessment NOW

Appointments available Monday 26th October 12-4pm


by email

or telephone 0203 538 3424

What does the number on the weight scale really mean?


Your weight will only give a fraction of information about your body health.


But a measure of your percentage of lean muscle, body fat, and hydration and BMI - That can give you a much fuller picture of your health and well being. A good balance of lean muscle mass, body fat, and hydration can help prevent issues of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascualr disease, Hormonal Imbalance, and keep you metabolically young. 


Thats where our Body Composition Assessment comes in. This assessment can reveal if your eating habits and exercise levels are really doing you good.  


Because we at OneBody really believe in full body health and well being, we are offering FREE Body Compositions Assessments, and a short consultation with our Nutritionist, Amandine, to show you how this assessment could really shape your exercise and eating plans FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME


Reserve your Free Assessment Now to avoid disappointment. 


Call 0203 538 3424 or email to reserve your time. 


Our next Free sessions are available on


26th October, between 12 noon and 4pm.




What is Involved? 


By using a bioelectrical impedance scale Amandine will measure your:

- BMI (Body Mass Index)

- body fat %,

- body muscle %,

- visceral body fat

- Basal Metabolic Rate


And in addition the waist circumference and heart rate will be monitored


An explanation of the results will be given but also what should be the recommended ranges you should be in to improve your health and maintain a healthy body composition.



Appointment will last 20 minutes



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