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OneBody Biomechanics Analysis 

- running - walking - functional tasks 

One of the most accurate and thorough and insightful analyses you will find, the Onebody Biomechanics Analysis, will give you an in depth and fresh look at your body's function, whether that is running, walking, squatting, lifting.

Accurate - we use video analysis and cutting edge force plate technology to measure and assess your performance

Thorough - we don't just look at your feet and advise on foot-wear. Our analysis encompasses body alignment, symmetry, foot function, and core, hip and leg strength.

Insightful - our assessments are carried out by qualified chartered physiotherapists with a wealth of experience and knowledge on running injuries and running performance. You leave with technique and exercise advice from the professionals. 

Orthotic Insoles


If needed, we design bespoke orthotics from dynamic force plate data. Learn more.


All ages, all levels can benefit!


How do I book my Running Analysis?

When you contact the clinic, ask to book a biomechanics assessment and you will be booked in with one of our specialist physiotherapists. 

*  Price £150

T. 0207 018 3980

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