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Ski Clinics at OneBody

Ski-Ready Assessment

Strength - flexibility - balance - control

Preparing for a ski trip is not all about strengthening your thigh muscles. In order to make the most of your trip to the mountains you need to have the correct movement patterns and good lower limb control.

During your one hour session, we will assess your strength, flexibility, posture and biomechanics and teach you how to improve your endurance and performance on the slopes.

You will be prescribed a ski-specific exercise program tailored to your needs to help you reduce the risk of injury and muscle fatigue, to allow you to maximise your time on-piste.

Ski Injury Rehab

If you have returned from a ski trip with an injury we can help you recover. We are experts in ski injuries, and will work with you to get you back to full function.  From manual therapy to end-stage rehabilitation we will help you heel quickly and regain your ski strength and confidence.


We commonly work with skiers who have suffered knee ligamant injuries, ankle injuries, back and neck sprains, fractures and muscle tears. Getting you ski fit again. 

Here are 2 of our favourite advanced ski preparation exercises. 

Grab the BOSU at the gym and try 20 reps of each to develop balance, endurance and leg strength. 

Book your assessment to learn more. 

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