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Women's Health 


At Onebody, we have therapists who are specialists in Womens Health. Problems and issues relating to pregnancy, labour, nursing, and recovery are unfortunately all too common. If you are having problems with pelvic pain, back pain, stress incontinence, or other body issues relating to women's health, our specialist therapists are here to help. 

Our Womens Health physio is highly trained in pelvic floor assessment and training. She will work with you to correct muscle imbalances and weakness that impact your life. If you have pelvic pain,  "leaking" or other pelvic floor issues, weak or separated abdominals, you could not be in better hands. Our women's health physio service from the team at MummyMOT are the specialists you need. 

Our Specialist Osteopath, Pierre, will assess your back and pelvic alignment, assess the recovery of your muscle and joint system, and work directly with you to resolve pelvic pain in pregnancy and beyond. 



Babies and Children


Labour can be a trauma for some babies, and in some situations they may benefit from physio or osteopathic treatment. A difficult birth, assisted labour, a large baby, are all considered to be risk factors for babies, and may create stress and restriction in their bodies. 

Our paediatric therapists will assess and give advice/appropriate treatment for torticollis and plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). We also have client recommendations that treatment may help with issues of cholic, latching on, and 'fussy' babies. If you feel you and your baby could benefit from assessment by our osteopath, please do get in touch.



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