Our highly trained physios are experts at treating back pain, sports injuries, muscle injury, joint stiffness and postural pain.  At OneBody we marry medical excellence with a uniquely comprehensive approach to both diagnosis and treatment.


At OneBody, we will look at your whole body to understand the source of your pain or injury, and will take a broader approach to fixing you. From hands on therapy to accupuncture, pilates, training and nutrition. All of these things working together to speed your revovery.


Our focus is expert diagnosis and fast, complete recovery.


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Physiotherapy in Kensington and Shepherds Bush


Osteopaths use a well developed sense of touch to investigate the underlying causes of pain and to treat using a variety of manipulative techniques. The key tools for osteopathy diagnosis include listening to the patient’s history, examining muscles and joints and observing movements.

Our treatments may include manipulation of joints, muscle and connective tissue stretching, to improve mobility and circulation. We also use gentle releasing techniques such as Cranial Osteopathy. We are likely to discuss nutrition, suggest specific exercises to help with rehabilitation.

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OneBody Clinic is committed to an integrated approach to body wellness. Our clinicians communicate to help diagnose and treat together. Our expert sports massage will do more for you than simply aid tired and sore muscles. It is a step toward wellness and fitness.


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Our Clinical Pilates small group classes are lead by our qualified physiotherapists/Pilates specialists. This makes us different from most other classes in West London. With our physio knowledge, we focus on posture correction, recovery from injury such as back injury, and specific functional strength that will keep your body at its best. 


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Personal Training


Our integrated approach doesn't stop with treating your pain. It is about getting you back on top and preventing pain and injury in future. Close communication between our clinicians and personal trainers can provide you with an entire strategy of wellness. You can be sure of an exercise program that will be sensitive to your injury, and get you back to where you want to be.


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