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Meet the Team - Annie

Name : Annie Josseron

What do you do?

I am a Physiotherapist specialised in Women's Health (pelvic floor disorders, Diastasis, breast cancer) and Pediatric (respiratory, foot malposition, neurological disorders ) What year did you qualify?

1992 French graduation What is your favourite body part to work with and why?

I like to treat the pelvic floor because it depends on the balance of many other areas. So I can focus very precisely, and understand how the patient’s body is functioning, and then and find the causes of his/her disorders. Then the treatment plan will follow from this thorough assessment. Furthermore I am absolutely motivated to help women who need to improve their condition.

I like to treat children with chest congestion because of the immediate benefit and relief they can have. I also love to work with foot malposition and neurological disorders because in children, they have an enormous affect on the neuro-motor development. These children can thrive with the right treatment. I have to consider the body as a whole, and the rehabilitation needs to be playful and fun to be effective. What is your favourite bit of advice for your clients?

I aim to educate on new habits and pelvic floor exercises which can be included in the daily life. Your exercise rehab can become a natural part of your life. What do you get up to in your free time when you are not at Onebody?

I love the time I spend with my children. And for me, I keep fit with Pilates and cycling. I am volunteer at the French Dispensary at Hammersmith where I offer physiotherapy sessions to socially disadvantaged people.

Where do you consult?

I am available at Onebody Chiswick.


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