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Meet the Team - Pierre

Name: Pierre Etcheverry

What do are you? Osteopath and Personal Trainer

What year did you qualify? 2011

What is your favourite body part to work with and why?

The neck. Because patients really relax when you treat the neck. You can see the results of my treatment quicker because the area is small. Patient's really appreciate having treatment to their neck!

What is your favourite bit of advice for your clients?

It is hard to choose one. I have 3!

1. Stretching - people need to stretch more!

2. Every one should do one yoga or Pilates session a week.

3. Healthy nutrition is an important part of life.

What do you get up to in your free time when you are not at Onebody?

If I am not at Onebody I am travelling the world or training for a Crossfit competition. I do do 3 - 4 competitions a year so I am always preparing my body for them.


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