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Meet the Team - Yasmine

Name: Yasmine Say

What do are you? Personal Trainer and STOTT Mat Pilates Instructor

What year did you qualify? 2015 after a complete career change!

What is your favourite body part to work with and why?

The Powerhouse - our core. Everything from efficient diaphragmatic breathing to a strong functioning pelvic floor. Our core is the centre of stability for any movement we do.

What is your favourite bit of advice for your clients?

Increase your NEAT! Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is pretty much how it sounds - any moving you do that isn’t planned or structured exercise. Your body burns calories with any activity which creates heat (hence the ‘thermo’ bit).

What do you get up to in your free time when you are not at Onebody?

If I am not busy teaching classes or with clients, then I love to practise Yoga and Calisthenics (bodyweight training).

When time and money allow, I love to travel and have recently come back from an epic adventure in Borneo, Malaysia.


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