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  • Sarah Morton | Chartered Physiotherapist

Staying strong in lock down - lower body

Part 2 "The most important way to enjoy your sport and stay injury free is to be strong and flexible. When you can't play your sport regularly, it doesn't take long (sadly) to lose the edge - loss of muscle strength and flexibility are the most common causes of injury when you return to a sport after a long break."

Following on from our previous blog - we have selected a number of exercises that will help you keep your legs and hips in good condition while you are away from your sport. Whether you are not playing your favourite sports due to Covid-19 restrictions, or for other reasons, it is vital to keep strong and agile.

Lower body strength and agility

The program below is designed for the key power and balance muscles in your legs. Keeping strong and flexible here helps prevent hip, knee, and ankle injuries when you return to sport.

Try to follow this program 2 times per week, and alternate it with the upper body conditioning program in our previous post.

This program has 2 stretches, 4 strength exercises, and 2 exercises to promote balance and agility. Enjoy!

Disclaimer : Exercises should be pain-free. If you have injuries get in touch with us, or your health professional. If your knees struggle with the program - keep the lunges and squats shallow, and build up the reps slowly.

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