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  • Sarah Morton - Physio

Staying Tennis-Ready in Lock Down

The most important way to enjoy your sport and stay injury free is to be strong and flexible. When you can't play your sport regularly, it doesn't take long (sadly) to lose the edge - loss of muscle strength and flexibility are the most common causes of injury when you return to a sport after a long break.

So whether the break in playing is due to Covid-19 social distancing, of for any other reason, a strength and flexibility maintenance program can keep you strong and in shape for your return to the court.

Upper Body Conditioning

We have put together exercise programs to help keep you in shape for your sport. Do download for free. Do the upper body program twice a week, and alternate it with the lower body program. Thats 4 days of exercise program, with rest days here and there! You don't need any equipment. You can start today!

The Upper Body program below has 4 warm up and flexibility exercises, and 4 exercises to get you stronger. If you don't have hand weights at home, just replace it with a water bottle or similar. All the exercises should be pain-free. Use a weight that feels challenging but you are able to perform 10 repetitions of that exercise.


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