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  • Sarah Morton CSP

Prepare to ski

Do you have a ski trip approaching. Feeling a little unprepared? Or maybe you want to fine tune your balance and leg strength to really enjoy your skiing. Doing a routine of exercises to improve thigh muscle strength and endurance, and improve balance can help improve enjoyment, and reduce the risk of injury.

I have put together my 3 favourite ski preparation exercises here - and encourage you to work on these before your next ski trip. I have used a BOSU, which is a great piece of equipment for balance, control and strength.

Click on each image for a description of the exercise. And look on our Youtube channel page for a mini-video of each exercise.

Its never too late to sharpen up your balance and muscle control. SO give these a try up to 5 times per week in the weeks leading up to your ski trip.

NB : If you feel any pain during these exercises, you should stop, and discuss with a qualified health professional.


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