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  • Sarah Morton | Chartered Physiotherapist

Ski Season - it's time to prepare

When we hit November, and the Autumn leaves are falling, we know that the ski season is just around the corner. 6 weeks to Christmas, means potentially 6 weeks to your first ski trip of the season.

This infographic (from Dr Bill Sterret's website with permission) gives us an over-view of the types of injuries that are common in snow sports.

We know that being fit and prepared for you trip to the slopes can reduce the risk of most injuries. Leg strength, balance training, reaction training, and fitness are all valuable in your preparation.

But the big question is, how can we reduce our risk, without spoiling the fun?

Over the pre-ski season period, Onebody will be presenting blogs outlining the best ways to reduce your risk of injury, and increase you enjoyment and performance. We aim to give you research about injury prevention, and practical advice to help you prepare for a fun time in the mountains.

If you already know you need help with getting ready for skiing, then click here to find out about our ski clinic, and get in touch to book a sessions.


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