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Exercise to Live Longer

Movement and exercise can prolong life! There have been a number of interesting blogs and research summaries that continue to support our advice to our clients, no matter their age or level of fitness. Move!

Movement is like medicine! Motion encourages blood flow, so helps to reduce load on the heart (cardiovascular system), it helps circulation thorugh the muscles of the lower body which are very sedentary in a desk based job. Movement also encourages you to take deep breaths, and helps to wake up your mind to improve concentration and performance at work.

Have a look at these interesting articles.

In one analysis study from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard University, information from 66,000 adults was pooled and compared over a 14 year period. They found those who did no exercise had the greatest risk of death in the given period. But those who exercised just a little, lowered their risk of death by 20%. Those who exercised at the recommended 150 minutes per week were 31% less likely to die. And even better, those who exceeded the recommended daily level of exercise improved their chance of survival by 39% compared to no exercise. So every bit of exercise helped reduced risk of early death.

In another study, a similar relationship was found with moderate to vigorous exercise. 204,542 adults aged from 45 to 75 years were included over an 8 year period. The findings were more encouragement to get up and exercise. The more 'moderate to vigorous' exercise a person performed in a week on average, the lower the chance of death from any cause. Adding some vigorous exercise into your daily mix (such as running instead of walking, singles tennis instead of doubles) could possibly reduce your risk of mortality by a further 13%.

So, the association seems strong. Aim to perform at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, and if you can manage to make 20-30 minutes of that more vigorous, your chance of a longer healthier life is significantly improved.


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