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  • Sarah Morton - Physio

Headaches? Maybe it's your posture.

Headaches are ever more frequent- with increasing phone and tablet use, and constant reliance on computers and lap tops. Headache is an issue we treat often in the clinic. We have great success reducing and resolving headaches for people who may have suffered from headaches for years.

Even the Daily Mail has covered the issue of headache. The research and specialists suggest that the prime cause of headache is infact postural. Meaning that the stresses and strains that our posture places on our neck and upper back is a prime cause of pain referred to the head.

We, at onebody, have a great track record of diagnosing posture related headache. Our approach to treatment, using a combined approach of joint and muscle manipulation, posural re-education, and strengthening can give a real and lasting solution to headache.


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