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  • Sarah Morton - Physio

Running Assessment - getting to the cause

The London Marathon is 14 weeks away as I write. That's when those training for the big event start increasing mileage each week, and stretching their long runs into the double digits. 10-15 miles of steady running often starts to get tough.

And it certainly challenges the strength and endurance of the muscular system, let alone the cardiovascular fitness!

This is the perfect time to assess your running style, your strength and endurance, and your foot wear. Work on these now to prevent injury later, when the miles are adding up.

At Onebody Clinic, we use Video Analysis on many of our runners to pin point issues of imbalance and weakness. This helps us diagnose the cause of injury - and to prevent injury from occurring.

The images in this post are taken straight from our gait anaylsis software. These show the types of imbalance in strength that we pick up frequently, but often the runner has no idea that they have a problem.

The runner in the images came to the clinic with severe sharp left knee pain, which came on 17 miles into her 20 mile training run. She had had no previous knee problems, but had suffered from left hip issues in the past.

Our video analysis and clinical assessment revealed a clear weakness in the left hip and gluteal muscles. When she is on her left leg, her pelvis drops down on the right, causing strain on her hip, lef tknee, and lower back. Her alignement is good when she is on her right leg.

Immediatley she can see the need for an intensive training rehab program for her hip control. She is working on her strength and control daily, and is already back running.

Video analysis along with a specialised physio assessment can reveal these biomechanical and strength issues so you know you are addressing the root cause of injury, not just the symptoms.

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