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  • Sarah Morton - Physio

Why do we assess Foot Pressure?

Foot scan for pressure measurement

High or uneven pressures through the foot and ankle can lead to pain and injury anywhere from the foot right up to the back. Assessing these pressures is a difficult task - until now.

With the RS Scan pressure plate, we at Onebody can see exactly how your foot deals with the pressures of walking and running. Areas of high pressure, or problems with the motion of the foot are easily seen from the pressure plate data. With our expert physio and gait assessment, we can unravel the cause of knee pain, running injuries, foot pain, and hip and back pain.

The pressure data can help us pin down the cause of injury and pain, and help define the best and more effective treatment approach. Treatment may include specific strength work to correct foot position and mobility, or work to control the knee and hip. In some cases, bespoke orthotics/insoles are needed to control pronation and absorb shock. The orthotics are made using the pressure data that has been collected, so there is no guess work.

Contact us to find out more about our RS Scan assessment.

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